Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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The biker look is super hot this Winter and that is seriously good news for British designer fashion label Belstaff because if there’s one thing they do very well it’s that biker look so it’s no surprise to us to hear that their new range of Belstaff mens jackets has been the must have over at fashion store My Wardrobe.
A fashion label that has been worn in the past we’re pretty sure they’d be more than happy to pull on this latest range, especially when one piece, the Washed Black Che Guevera jacket is named after one of them!
Standing out from the sterotypical biker jacket by not being made of leather, but instead out of waxed cotton, these Belstaff mens jackets are all about the styling with the high buckled necks, buckled belt and more pockets than you know what to do with all adding up to create one of the most rugged, yet stylish mens jackets on the market.
The only negative is that putting it on won’t make you immediately able to ride a motorbike which is something of a downer but we suppose you can’t have everything

bomber jacket Goodsouls

I’ve been reading up on a few other men’s fashion blogs and one that caught my eye is smartgeezer. It’s a bit blokey, and ignore the sales spiel on some of the posts, deep down it’s a good blog. And I especially liked to see the posts about coats in the last few weeks.
You probably know that I’ve got issues about coats. You see lads out on the town in Leeds only wearing shirts in December. And I think that’s madness – especially when there are some fantastic coats for you to pick up. For some reason, blokes see coats as being a bit uncool. Maybe being cold is a subconscious sign of weakness or something, but I‘m one for coats in men’s fashion. I love a blog that isn’t afraid to talk up a good coat, and it’s a nice surprise that smartgeezer is on my side.
Take the Bullet Brown Leather Bomber Jacket, that I think is supercool, or the cassette cotton jacket. This is the sort of thing guys should be wearing when it’s below zero outside.
On the other hand though you’ve got the duffel coats (and unfortunately they’re not the Paddington Bear sort). There’s a worrying trend for shapeless duffel coats this season that look like they’re held together with white string and wooden clothes pegs. They’re from big names too like  but I don’t know what they’re thinking. If I stocked them in my shop I’d get laughed out of business.
There’s only one way I’d ever wear one of these dodgy duffel coats, and that’s if it’s a choice between the coat, and no coat.

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