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Arise Africa Fashion Week

Arise Africa Fashion Week

Arise Africa Fashion Week

Luxury lace wedding dress 
Lace wedding dress is the most popular elements on spring and summer of 2010 , while the fall and winter wedding due to seasonal factors, a more solid material and require a very sophisticated and delicate texture glossy. Wedding dress designers are keen on the application in the design of a variety of fabrics. Chiffon and satin dress with a look on the combination of both sexy and innocent, both warm and stylish.

Elegant and romantic white wedding dress stood out in the quarter accounted for the lofty status, but also more and more people are enjoying the color wedding favor. The flower color combined with beautiful design reflects the creative dream, to create a harmonious and magnificent beauty, so that the bride as flower fairies, highlighting the festive atmosphere.

Now launch of the wedding, only a combination of traditional style, with retro flavor, they go in the trend of cutting-edge, no longer just a white wedding theme, wedding colors are center stage, it is in style take a simple fashion line, so you can make the bride to enjoy a cutting-edge trend! 
If you think that flowers show more feminine, preppy style, simplicity and style through the details of the specific excited to bring in this season. preppy style is low-key, subtle, from the last century 70's "Ivy League" University of fresh air. Striped or polka dot ribbon decoration, give the ball gowns to bring a more perfect finishing touch, tight fold-style wedding dress and the pattern close to the waist style is the best choice.
Dress reflecting the joy of spring through the heart, may carry the luster is the ideal choice of fabric, and chiffon, charmeuse satin, organza material wedding dress will shine in the spring. When you embark on the red carpet ceremony, the spring breeze gently blowing chiffon dress, thousands of you style, you can also select the spaghetti straps of the silk cotton dress with dots, it is very suitable for an outdoor spring wedding 
Let your legs get in the spring sunshine to have a break. Short paragraph increasingly popular, there is no better than this high-profile show of healthy brown skin solution. Select a sexy dress to show off your good shape, maybe you want some of the wedding is more serious, then at least the dress to expose your ankle. 
When the luxury brands are not so far away from us, when the fashion for most girls go for the goal, the most important life a feast - the wedding, we still have with your loved ones out of fashion, and a white silk far can not meet the fashionable brides "show" their own desire.
You are a fashion fanatics it? You will be the major brands for each new season but ecstatic, determined to win it? You want to put on your wedding the most In the moment the tide of the bride it? Do you want to try to plan their wedding as a unique style of fashion show games, fashion wear for the wedding too?
So the wedding has become a unique style of "fashion show"
The spirit of fashion among the armed to the wedding, the essence of the most fashionable trend into the details of the wedding decoration, the fashion of the bride is to have a wonderful marriage of fashion, so that the wedding has become a unique style of " Fashion Exhibition. "
Bridal styling suggestions: smart degrees with classic brown orange, size scarves of various materials. Fox fur hat and a big small black leopard's hunting dress, complete smooth style riding boots, as well as from small to extra large anchor-shaped enamel bangle, and earth colors and a variety of high-light, accessories, reflect quiet and the atmosphere of the wedding dresses style.

Collective hit: model Alek Wek shows off a gown by Stoned Cherrie, and centre, Grace Jones hits the catwalk with her distorted 'Terminator' style picture in the background; right, a model shows off a dress inspired by Barack Obama
Collective hit: model Alek Wek shows off a gown by Stoned Cherrie, and centre, Grace Jones hits the catwalk with her distorted 'Terminator' style picture in the background; right, a model shows off a dress inspired by Barack Obama Photo: REUETRS / GETTY
The event’s tented village in mid-town Bryant Park was the setting on Friday night for the first African Fashion Collective, starring the singer, Grace Jones, and featuring the collections of four designers: Xuly Bet from Mali; Nkhensani Nkosi who designs Stoned Cherrie, the South African label; Fati Asibelua of Momo, and Tiffany Amber, both from Nigeria.
The show opened with the voice of Jones intoning ‘Man-Eating Machine’, as a giant, black and white video of the singer – digitally-distorted and manipulated in the manner of ‘The Terminator’ – unfolded on a screen at the back of the stage.
The designs were modelled by a United Nations roll-call of girls from more than a dozen countries, including Ethiopia, Namibia, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Russia, China and the Netherlands, along with Tyson Beckford, the most celebrated black American male model, and the black catwalk superstars, Alek Wek, from Sudan, and Chanel Iman.
Xuly Bet showed contemporary sportswear in denim and corduroy and T-shirt dresses printed with President Obama’s face.

The Ituen Basi brand usually invokes certain very specific images - African Print/Ankara deconstructed and reconstructed, shredded, transformed, beaded - making it the go-to brand for a certain timeless, classic look. Her latest collection, bright, beautiful, and bold as it is, is a fascinating study in Ankara's unprecedented ubiquity. If Ituen Basi pushes the boundaries of Ankara , it is in transforming it from the commonplace, the everyday and the trendy into something of a permanent lifestyle fixture. From chic purses, to flats, bangles, and brooches to mono-print dresses and separates, nothing is immune to Ankarization.

Having followed Ituen's work closely, there's a sense of deja vu we get with this collection - we've certainly seen many of the prints and concepts explored before. One particular highlight, however, was her re-interpretation of the iro and buba (traditional top and wrapper) with charming results. That said, Ituen Basi's use of rich prints that often evoke eras gone has become a hallmark of her work in the last few years and we wonder how long the love affair can, will and should last. It'll take fine-tuning the balance between being known for a certain aesthetic and finding ways to creatively and constantly push the boundaries. We're not convinced that was completely accomplished with this collection but being the fiercely talented designer she is, we're sure there's more to come.

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