Saturday, January 1, 2011

Latest Artificial Jewelery Features

Artificial Jewelry

Our out of the ordinary artificial jewelry is remarkable for its astonishing and impeccable designs. We present an incomprehensible collection of artificial jewelry such as artificial necklace, tribal jewelry, oxidized jewelry, bangles, rings, tikka and many more. Based on superior quality raw material our jewelry exhibits exceptional brilliance and ember. The flawlessness and excellent finishing of jewelry will add a unique worth to your persona. Jewelry can be customized according to the customer taste and preference. Moreover, they are available at affordable prices against the ordinary market. In addition to this, we are considered as one of the distinguished tribal jewelry manufacturers & exporters in India.


Jewellery is an integral part of Indian women’s life style. Now the old trends have changed and the fashion arena merged with new technology, which brings jewellery with a new look. In Indian society we find different types of jewellery like necklace, men jewellery, anklets,finger rings, pendants, cuff links, bracelets, earrings, kundan jewellery. 
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Indian jewellery world not only famous for its gold ornaments, the same fame also found for its silver and imitation jewellery. Jewellwry of India holds a paramount importance in its history. By changing the trend Indian jewellery designers and artisans have given the birth to new line of Indian fashion jewellery, which is elegant in today’s fashionable world. Today’s trendy women’s wants the jewellery which is unique and stunning. With their wish the jewellery designers with an attitude; their designs speak volumes about his innovative skills.
In the fashionable collection designers showcased individual pieces as well as sets- designers designs are captivating and unusual. Some of designs showcased are;a modern necklace set with white diamonds set with white gold, that has been inspired by a waterfall. Also showcased beautiful tsavorite bracelet with white diamonds, a heart shaped solitaire ring, set along side champagne diamonds with deep pink sapphires on the bend, and an arm bracelet, set with unusual Burmese rubies and white diamonds with Victorian motifs.Indian fashion jewellery collection is crafted and angled to meet the diversifying demands and tastes. That is what makes Indians fashion jewellery world so trendy and unique.

The semi-precious stone, beads, pearls and other jewelry designs with their rare and unique designs suit any attire, be it contemporary or traditional. The artificialjewellery range is now venturing in to greener designs using natural materials likeshells, bamboo.
Emerald Necklace Set

“22 Karat Gold, Hand-Crafted Three-Piece Necklace Set Studded with Teardrop And Round Shapes 37 Carats of Genuine Emeralds.”I like the design, but for some reason the stones look artificial. I think it might be the flat lighting, but it looks more like a piece of costume jewelry and if you’re going to pay over 2k for it, it better look real.

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