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latest chinese fashion features

NE•Tiger, one of China’s top luxury fashion houses, was invited to collaborate with China’s Central Television network to showcase the latest trend in Chinese fashion on CCTV 2010 China’s Fashion Week.
Ne.Tiger, China's leading luxury fashion houses, presents Hua Fu collection using the 5 chinese color
The haute couture show, dubbed “Butterfly Fan•Destiny”, is based on 4 major themes – the combination of modern and traditional craftsmanship; the five traditional colors of China (as seen above black, red, blue, green, yellow); the use of natural fabrics such as cashmere and leather; the merging of Chinese with western styles – and a recurring use of butterfly and fan patterns.
Ne.Tiger Chinese luxury brand presents their spring summer 2010 haute couture line at China Fashion Week
The founder of NE.Tiger, Zhang Zhifeng (张志峰), created a unique east meets west fusion style that he describes as “junoesque, elegant and sexy.”
At the 2010 Spring/Summer show, the brand presented a collection that extends the concept of Hua Fu (华服) or traditional Chinese fashion representing the Chinese national spirit. The red costume pictured below is what we call the kua (褂) which is extensively used as a bridal costume around the region.
Chinese wedding fashion - hua fu traditional bridal costume or kua
Apart from the Hua Fu series, NE-Tiger also offers tailor-made outfits for weddings and gala events. Here are a couple more dresses from older collections. Hong bao red dresses with with gold accents. I like the right-most dress.
Red wedding dress - Traditional and modern takes on the Chinese cheongsam or qipao by NE.Tiger China
Ne.Tiger red Chinese traditional cheongsam and eastern influenced dresses 2008-2009 collection
Ne.Tiger red Chinese traditional cheongsam and eastern influenced dresses 2008 collection!
Black Chinese influenced evening gowns and wedding dresses by China's NE.Tiger
White western style wedding dresses from China fashion house NE.Tiger
Ne.Tiger western wedding dresses in white - one shoulder and puffy sleeve lace

Development of the Fashion industry that led to the rapid migration of China allows actors to fashion the country, including an enlarged Europe. In recent times, China's manufacturing industry increasingly proving its quality. China is moving toward the goal of high-end fashion among European players, especially in fashion centers like Paris, Milan and London.
The test, in the case of Paris Fashion Week, the model citizen of China to take a walk on the catwalk wearing the latest collections of famous designers. One Xinghe Zhang, who is also a former Miss China 2003 and 2006.

"We try very hard to reach this level," said the leader of Textiles and Apparel of China National Council (CNTAC) Du Yu Zhou. In addition to the ranks of Eastern models, made in China labels do not lose any teeth behind performance to show the fashion brands of the stature of Jefen for action on the catwalk in Paris.

"This is our industry doing to eliminate the notion of mass which is identical to the products of China, on the contrary we want to demonstrate that the quality of China's production is not less Europe," said Du. Apparently, it shows the desired result. Because, this year China's textile exports to the European region increased 15 percent compared to last year with sales reaching more than 400 million euros. With materials such as cashmere largest contributor.

"Revenues are increasingly proving to be the most important textile sectors in the economy of China," said Du.


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