Sunday, February 27, 2011

Latest China Fashion Features

Latest China Fashion:

This collection all time favorite dress collection so you can wear these dresses for all purposes. It’s fascinating to peek at the streets of other cultures to see what people wear in real life, just got the fashions that come off global catwalks. China is certainly a country to watch in terms of sartorial inspiration, so this is one blog I will be ckeeping an eye on. This new look at the China street id fabulous for your smart life style. So enjoy this new wardrobe fashion for your fashionable and stylish look.
china-fashion-collection2 China Fashion Collection For Your Life Style
Presenting you latest fashion collection. This is from China also known as China fashion collection. This new fashion collection contains all new fashion dresses that are truly designed for your style. As a girl of today you always take interest in latest fashion dresses but since the Olympics ended, the interest in China street style has also faded, but it’s not because people lost interests, rather, they got so preoccupied with other interruption. Now they have again in demand with the recent trendy fashion collection.
Zodiac and cultural resources into creative design inspiration, to refresh the original ancient Qiang embroidery techniques combined with modern three-dimensional cutting process, gorgeous interpretation of the NE · TIGER brand of infinite creativity, Qiang is the world’s one of the most ancient nations, with six thousand years history of the ancient Qiang culture is an important origin of Chinese nation, Han, Tibetan, Yi, Naxi and other ten are from the ancient Qiang nation. Qiang embroidery heritage and development over thousands of years to form a unique art style, is the art of the Qiang culture.
China Fashion Week, TIGER 2011 release Haute costumes
Techniques of the original ancient Qiang embroidery, delicate wonderful composition, beautiful pure colors, costumes by NE · TIGER dripping do now, to create a stunning timeless Chinese luxury.
China Fashion Week, TIGER 2011 release Haute costumes

It was seen more as a brave demonstration of faith in the long term. Fifteen years later Prada’s turnover had not only increased by 75%, but if the 9 stores in Hong Kong are included with the 14 in mainland China, then their combined business accounts for more than twice the label’s US market. So it seems a given that the brand’s financial axis will shift eastwards. Indeed, Prada is investing 50 million Euros in opening another 9 stores in China this year. Beijing has 19 million people and second-tier cities have upwards of 8 million, but according to Prada’s chief operating officer Sebastian Suhl, it’s not just about the numbers, ‘there’s a huge base of sophisticated consumers who understand what Prada represents,- innovation and technical modernity.’
Chinese taste is rapidly evolving. The overnight rich might go crazy with bling and logos, but in a country that has produced 54 million millionaires to date, there are plenty with more restrained and sophisticated tastes. There is definitely an elegant 1950’s vibe seen on the streets amongst older women, which bodes well for Prada whose signature style is not overt.

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