Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Latest Men And Womens Fashion Feature

Nothing in her veins but dedication and fashion Amber Marion designer her first collection to debut at a Julliard fund raiser fashion show. The speakers blarred.
Mixing and matching is one of the oldest tricks in men’s fashion to extend any wardrobe. Nowadays, it’s done with practically everything from neckties and shirts to suit jackets on pants.
Mens Designer Fashion Labels For Spring And Summer 2010
By the typical rules of men’s fashion, the outfits should have been eyesores. Yet Etro was able to tastefully mix up a riot of styles and prints in a single look and have them unite in a cohesive way. Whether it was due to the difference in scale of the prints or his letting a single bold item take center stage is much too technical a discussion on men’s fashion, but the fact still remains that this kind of mash-up can still be done – even by you.
Etro stays true to his heritage, however, one that’s deeply rooted in the field of high-end men’s fashion. If anything, sharp, flawless tailoring was the common denominator among all the different pieces, which is what kept even the wildest patterns in check. Suits were still finished off with pocket squares – wildly colorful ones at that – and most of the looks were still anchored by one or two classic pieces like a solid tee or simple denim jeans.Style-wise, it seems that the designer gathered inspiration from all over the world. Indian motifs, European abstraction, Asian mandalas, updated paisleys and classic British check came together in this collection. It was riotous, yes, but solid classic pieces like dark gray pants helped ground a United Nation’s worth of culturally relevant prints.

All Pieces Sartorial

Besides that timeless Etro fashion statement of wild prints, you could pick up a style tip or two from the fashion show. There were more than a few of the more advanced and technical tricks employed in the way the models were styled, and you could cop those to make quite a number of intimidating outfits more wearable.
First was that strategy of balancing out patterns. When combining multiple prints that are drastically different from one another, let one particularly bold print stand out. This will keep all the pieces from clashing. Otherwise, you could also choose a solid piece to give ample contrast for your printed garment and let it shine quite satisfactorily.
Should you end up in some tropical clime where neckties are optional and skin-baring is common, you could also opt to leave your first few buttons open. Letting some of your skin show is more than just exhibitionism and getting a tan. The simple color and texture of your skin will set off the print on the fabric beautifully.
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